What's on your list?

Yarckin_rollingstone_2The other day, I found myself thumbing through a co-workers discarded issue of Rolling Stone (the one with a self-proclaimed duchess on the cover). The issue boasted this years “20th Annual HOT LIST”, a new Dylan film, and a feature entitled “Hot Rumors! Hotter Sex!! Hotter Bands!!!” Like a moth to a flame, my fingers kept flipping pages until I came across a familiar face on Page 80 – Orlando’s pint-sized Cori Yarckin. She is featured as one of the “Hot Girls of MySpace” aside a feature of it's-a-way-of-life site’s lady royalty, Tila Tequila (think if Jena Jameson had an understudy exchange student who dreamt of American Idol).

Even though there’s more Tila-hype than interest in any Governor race of any state this week, Yarckin makes a footnote that if you promote enough on your own-you can get national attention. Oh, and it can't hurt if your easier on the eyes.

If you’re running for Governor, maybe you’d be more popular if you had a MySpace profile.

Viva Anti-Pop!

Introducing you to its second year, the powers behind the Anti-Pop Music Festival is ready for your browsers. The official website is live and ready to answer all your questions.

Pay attention thirsty music fans, not only will they tell you when and where to see all the who's-who... but free booze too?

Here's a preview of a completely local lineup (ok, one band is from Jacksonville) planned for Saturday, November 18th at the Social Pavillion (the parking lot behind the club): The Heathens, Plain Jane Automobile, Whole Wheat Bread, Mashlin, Kiteline, Medic, Dear + Glorious Physician, and Gasoline Heart.


Once Between a Tree...

The buzz in the music industry this week is Orlando-based Between The Trees.

Deny it or not.

According to reputable industry sources, label reps (including but not limited to Virgin, Columbia, Epic, Roadrunner, Capitol, Atlantic, Jive, Warner Bros., RCA and Island) from coast to coast have their eyes, ears, and blackberrys focused on these guys. In the same week, whoever-they-are's from these labels saw the band perform at their showcase at the Knitting Factory in New York and a Bamboozle Left performance in Pamona, CA.

That's not all the band has going on for themselves. Their release The Story and The Song (via local start-up Bonded Records) have been charting consistently in the Top 3 at Park Ave CDs and has caught the attention of industry retail brainsource Coalition for Independant Music Stores (CIMS). The Top 10 CIMS chart this week posts Between The Trees fourth between The Killers' Sam's Town and Bob Dylan's Modern Times.

As these label reps are in hot pursuit, Between The Trees will have the hometown advantage Monday, October 30th when they perform at the Backbooth.

They're turning into kind of a big deal, let's see if they get to sign one.

How many A&R guys does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
I don't know, you tell me.

Hip-hop to the top

The College Music Journal (CMJ) chart showcases artists that music directors on the university level are spinning, and have inadvertently become relied on as tastemakers to predict what music fans really like. It's a haven for independant labels, and in the case that an artist from a mega-corporate record label has charted, they're granted the dignity of street cred.

Recently, two groups who represent Orlando so much that it gives Disney a run for their money, have been charting consistently on the top of the CMJ Hip-Hop chart. Congratulations to Sol.iLLaquists of Sound for As If We Existed (Anti-/Epitaph) and X:144 and SPS with their latest release M.E. (Nonsense Records). Go here for a full review of the X:144 and SPS album.


Both groups have also been on the road together for the "Quit Your Dead End Job" tour that traveled through 40 cities and wrapped up with a hometown, sold out show last night at The Social. A review of the show can be found here.

And you don't stop,

Orlando's got soul

This past friday, up and comers The Wynn Brothers celebrated the release of their album Feel the Good at Backbooth with local blues/funk/soul/all-around-high-caliber The Legendary JC's as the headliner.

The performances were top notch, and am proud to say these bands come from our community. The surprise treat of the evening came when Eugene of The Legendary JC's inviting Thomas from The Wynn Brothers on stage to help close the night. If the crowd wasn't already worked up to a dizzy and sweaty frenzy, this made thy cup runneth over.


Feeling the spirit,

Party time, excellent.

On a relatively quiet Tuesday night downtown, Velvet Lounge kept a thick line of people waiting outside for hours.

Why all the hullabaloo? A local to Orlando (who has had success in the music business) celebrated his birthday with some of his closest friends... and then some. Shuffle in Orlando Magic players, Dru Hill alumni, certain band mate to Ashlee Simpson, a rumored professional multi-ethnic golfer, and birthday shout outs via television screens from rock bands that couldn't make it---and it was an event that had bouncers to bike taxis talking about up and down Orange Avenue. If that wasn't random enough, to add to the “what’s going on?” factor, Wayne’s World impersonators were circling the party.

You may be thinking, "So, what?" Well, the irony is that there probably wasn't a single person eagerly awaiting outside that has not poked fun of any of the celebri-maybes who were inside.

After cutting the line quicker than they could lift the velvet rope, I figured that in this situation the only thing to do was reminisce and party on like it was 1999.


Wishing you many more,

This monkey's gone to heaven

Well, friends, this will be my last Ear Bud post. In case you haven't already heard, I'm leaving Orlando CityBeat (read today's Set List for my proper exit). You'll soon see why, though it has nothing to do with the fine people at CityBeat. They were like having uber-cool parents, totally supportive while giving me maximum - and even unearned - latitude to develop. And you never forget something like that. Though they're no longer my bosses, they remain friends. Just like us, baby.

But I don't want to belabor this goodbye. Personal history shows that I'm not good with them. So  know that this doesn't mean we won't see each other anymore, just not in this milieu. Keep an eye out and you'll see me soon. I'm never hard to spot.



Benefit for Uncle Lou's!

Florida's Dying impresario Rich Evans was the first promoter of note to latch onto new dive bar Uncle Lou's Entertainment Hall (across Mills Ave. from Wally's). And since he's been booking most of his shows at the cool little joint, he's holding a benefit to buy Uncle Lou a proper PA system. Who knew dirty punk rockers could be so nurturing? Adding a real PA in the place will seriously up the bar's viability as a live music venue. And who wouldn't want to support that? So go and drop some dough for the health of your own scene. Don't worry, no one's retarded enough to rely solely on your altruism so you'll be treated to performances by Racin for Pinks, Recycled Ruins and Super Aids.


The oldies are back in town

Not that I listen to the radio a whole lot, but I publicly lamented the eradication of an oldies station in this city a while back. Well, the oldies are back in the form of Big 810, True Oldies (WEUS-AM 810). Okay, so I just found out about them even though they went on the air in January. But nutso right-wingers excluded, how often do YOU go flipping through the AM dial? So anyway, hallelujah! Check 'em out. The signal sucks but much less than the "music" on every other station besides Rollins College (WPRK-FM 91.5).


Will's on Wheels

The first "Will's on Wheels" booking is happening at BackBooth tonight. The Independents always rocked Will's Pub with their Elvis-meets-The-Ramones punk rock every time they came to town. The lack of four walls and a roof is merely an inconvenient concept so Will just moved the show to the Booth. Support it. I will.


Sharing the ball

Anybody notice how Foundation Presents (the booking juggernaut behind The Social) has been diversifying its partnerships? They've always booked at clubs other than their own but it's interesting to see that The Club at Firestone is back on their radar and that the criminally under-utilized AKA Lounge is being used now. It can only be a healthy thing for the scene. If we all play nice, good things will happen.


Anti-Pop Music Fest returns!

Anti-Pop Music Festival, the underground festival and conference held by Fighting Records and Foundation Presents that debuted last fall, is returning for its sophomore run this year. It will run between November 13-19 and will feature notable indie acts like Pretty Girls Make Graves, And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, The Blood Brothers, The Whigs, Celebration and Margot & the Nuclear So and So's. Last year was a triumph of the artistic community. Let's show we deserve to be taken seriously as a scene.


Florida's Dying on the road

Everybody's favorite scuzz-punk syndicate Florida's Dying will be taking their show on the road this autumn. They'll be taking over Austin on October 27 and 28 with local acts like Fashion! Fashion! and the Image Boys (my personal favorite), Derek Lyn Plastic, and Jeanie & the Tits. They'll also be doing some shows on the way out there and back. Check www.floridasdying.com for details.


Bands on the run?

One thing I've always loved about this hometown of ours is that it knows how to milk a long weekend. I hadn't realized how accustomed I had gotten to this until I went up to Atlanta a few years ago on a Sunday of a three-day weekend to see The Datsuns, The Paybacks and The Star Spangles. I was completely baffled when I discovered that the entire nightlife seemed to shut its doors by 11 pm. This was HOTlanta fer chrissakes! So ever since then, I've always held a certain measure of pride in our scene.

Howeverrrrr.... this Labor Day's calendar, at least in the way of concerts, looks abysmal. There are bands playing but hardly any good local ones. Are you guys on friggin' vacation too or what? Looking on the bright side of things, which you know is my bag, I'll get the chance to go to a bar and actually talk to my friends.


Guerrilla love

If anyone knows who did this outstanding mural on the south wall of Will's Pub, please contact me at [email protected]. According to Will, it was done some time between closing Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. It's a great piece of urban guerrilla art that places an image of Will himself on the Virgin Mary. That's love there. That's how much the place meant to people. Awesome.



Will's Pub... c'est fini

That's all, folks. The movers at Will's Pub have until tonight to clear everything out of the bar, though some friends and I have already done some of their work for them. By the time I left the pub to head to The Social to catch the Smoking Popes, there was a line around the building to get in. Never have I seen a queue like that there, so I'm duly heartened. Not to take anything away from the justifiably legendary Sam Rivers, but this crowd wudn't there to see him.

Thanks for the memories, Will's. You've been a second home to me and countless others. But I've moved past all the boo-hooing. I will now remain in a state of expectation for the second verse.


A cease-fire?

Tonight's An Albatross/Gil Mantera's Party Dream show will mark a very weird occasion: BackBooth and Fighting Records working together. Not that the two organizations officially have anything against one another, but there is some seriously bad blood between the club's current management and some people at the record label who used to be part of the previous management. It seems to be a strictly logistical/business accord, but it's very interesting nonetheless. With Will's Pub just about to be out of picture, at least for now, we'll see if this blossoms into a relationship.


Phat 'n' Jazzy goes live

The Social has recently been injecting Phat 'n' Jazzy, their long-running acid-jazz night, with live music. Last week brought the spirited "Afro-Urban" music of K-G and The Band. This week, Wisconsin's Soul System took a improvisational band approach to electronic music, essentially crafting live house music. Gerard Mitchell, the club's co-owner and steward of Phat 'n' Jazzy, says they'll be looking to incorporate more live music into the night's format so keep an eye out for that. Both shows I caught were good.


Will's Pub - the homestretch

Only two more weekends before Will's Pub closes its doors. AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

But before our local scene suffers a big, gaping hole, this place is going out with a bang. Not only is a sterling critic-picked local lineup playing there tonight (the proceeds of which will help fund the relocation), but there's the Severance Fest going on all day Sunday. Tons of great punk rock bands and free BBQ (!!!). And the final weekend will be an unbelievable blowout with a not-so-secret Orlando favorite from Memphis and none other than the one and only Bob Log III. So brace yourself and try to stay hydrated.


Save Will's Pub!!!

Activism: good in concept but a total bummer in execution, right? It just takes so much effort.

Well, not this time, sweetie. The Will's Pub Benefit that the Weekly's Jason Ferguson and I have put together is goin' down this Friday. This ain't yo' daddy's benefit. We've got a great lineup of bands in store and DJ sets by us, your hosts, at the end of the night. Never before has doing the right thing been so dern fun, nahmean? Doors at 8p, performances begin at 9p. Donation is only 8 trifling bucks. It's gonna be so much fun that I don't even have to resort to guilting you into going. Riiiiight?


Yes, Orlando has hip-hop you can respect

Super dope hip-hop duo X:144 & SPS will be releasing their debut album September 26 on Nonsense Records, a local indie hip-hop label that put out stuff by Sol.illaquists of Sound way before Epitaph Records even heard of them. But patience is for suckers, right? So go to their pre-release party at The Social this Saturday and pick one up.


Help a brother out

My recent discussions with Will Walker of the imminently closing Will's Pub have me plagued with unease. If anyone has any leads on a good space or is sitting on a big bag of money, please contact me or Will directly ([email protected]). Before I get an ulcer already. Geez...


When bands act out

Boffo art-core band Happy Valley will be playing BackBooth this Friday (August 11). But the reason for this post is to give you the inside track on what sort of misdeeds they're planning for this show.

I always said these guys were bizarre, and here they go proving my point once again. This sure-to-be-wildly-unorthodox set will include two "theatrical performances." The skits' titles are "The Evan Shefran Theme Song" and "The Bloody, Bloody Death of Mike Holt." Now, c'mon cats, don't tell me you're not curious...


Shine on you crazy diamond

On August 11 at the Peacock Room, The Sunshine Artillery's Freddy Mullins and Johnny Wells will be jamming with Matt Herston and Dave Lane of Franchise in a SYD BARRETT TRIBUTE! Also performing will be Jim O'Rourke and the Filthy Little Lies and Syd Zedd. DJs will also be spinning in what they are billing as a "psychedelic dance party."

Will's Pub benefit!!!

The local community is understandably freaked out about the closing of Will's Pub on August 31. So my Orlando Weekly colleague Jason Ferguson and I are holding a benefit to help ensure the successful relocation of the pub (d'you hear that, Will?). It's going down on Friday (because we're sensitive to your professional schedules), August 18. Doors are at 8pm and the donation is $8. The critic-selected lineup includes:

  • The Punching Contest
  • New Roman Times
  • History
  • Kingsbury

And to guarantee NON-STOP ROCK ACTION, acoustic musicians will be performing in between the bands while the backline changes occur. These artists will be:

  • Matt Butcher (The Heathens)
  • Travis Adams (Inkwell)
  • Mike Dunn (The Kings of New England)
  • Christina Wagner

If you don't support this event then you'll be doing irreparable damage to your social life. And demons will devour you in your sleep.

Thank you.


Correction to the post below

VHS or Beta is not performing in The Loft at the new Club at Firestone tonight. They'll be DJing.


Firestone's new face

The Club at Firestone will be unveiling its new incarnation tomorrow. It aims to have a greater force on the live music circuit and will begin by hosting VHS or Beta at tomorrow's party. Local turntablist DJ Kittybat will also be spinning. Friday night they'll bring one of my personal faves, Ice-T, to town.

I'll have a report for you about the new digs so stay tuned.


Gasoline Heart releases debut on August 1

Explosive trad-rockers Gasoline Heart will be releasing their Steve Albini-produced debut album next Tuesday on Mono Vs. Stereo Records. Look for my review of it posting that day. But I will say that it's a very strong record.

Also very cool is that it, like some new young talents, is filled with lots of Orlando pride. Now THAT'S what I like to see.

If you wanna see this city's scene at its confident best, go to the CD Release Party next Tuesday at BackBooth. You'll also be treated to opening sets by outstanding locals like New Roman Times and Mike Dunn & the Kings of New England.


Become an informed hipster in one $5 session

Trying to keep up with the Joneses can be intimidating business, I know. Especially if they're regular fixtures at Bar-BQ-Bar. Sure, you could go out and drop $150 on girl's jeans and $70 for a complicated retro haircut, but my way will only cost you $5. I know, I know, I love you too but d'you wanna hear it or what?

Okay, there's a show at BackBooth tonight that is obscenely loaded with bands that are respected by respected people (i.e. me). Five total bands (one measly dollar for each band!!!).

  1. Inkwell
  2. Kingsbury
  3. Dear & Glorious Physician
  4. History
  5. Watch Me Disappear

After this night, you'll walk out educated, rocked and, god willing, drunk. Sweet.


Derek Lyn Plastic Record Release Party

Art-damaged punk rockers Derek Lyn Plastic are holding their record (they literally mean wax) release party this Saturday at Will's Pub. Also playing is Recycled Ruins and The Courtneys.

Actually, this entire weekend is a Florida's Dying birthday bender for front-man Dunx. Friday is the the birthday bash at their new home-base Uncle Lou's Entertainment Hall across Mills from Wally's (whose location any self-respecting soak will know). That night's bill includes my personal favorite local punk rock band Fashion! Fashion! and the Image Boys and Jeanie & the Tits.

Happy birthday, Dunx.


Don't call it a comeback...

Ok, remember that Rock-Crit DJ Battle I won against Jason Ferguson early this month? At his pleading, I've decided to grant the poor wretch a rematch, even though it's not really a true rematch because he's really just fighting for the pieces of his dignity.

Again, it'll be at Redlight Redlight on Friday, August 11. Despite all your seemingly genuine assurances, hardly any of you bothered to show up to support me. Thanks, by the way. I know I won without you but I'm really gonna need you this time because he's mobilizing his cronies as we speak. And I'm thinkin' he's desperate enough to pay people to cheer. So, fer chrissakes, man, don't make me beg........ okay, pretty please with all the fixins.


Wanna hear your music in a club?

Alright kids, DJ Smilin Dan has asked your favorite music critic (me, stupid) to spin with him this Saturday at BackBooth. If you haven't heard of him then you obviously don't listen to 91.5 WPRK or stepped foot inside Independent Bar or Southern Nights. He's only the most influential indie DJ in town, duhhh.

Anyway, we'll be playing all that really great stuff that never gets played. We'll also play all the best new releases and some yet-to-be-released stuff. And all you local musicians, you'll also hear some of your very own, toiled-over tunes in the mix. That is, unless your band sucks, in which case your "product" will be used for beer coasters.


Hip to be square

I know this is probably the completely wrong audience to direct this announcement to (yeah, I know how you guys are), but I do wanna tip you about the D.A.R.E. National Convention occurring at Disney's Coronado Springs July 25-27.

For those of you who haven't already walked out of the room, there will be some musical entertainment in the form of... errr... dope?... hip-hop act JammX Kids. They're nine kids who encourage children to get active and stay fit through song, dance and rap. Pretty sweet, huh? Well, Shaquille O'Neal and Randy Jackson think so since they're two of the group's celebrity backers.

I'm pretty sure I know what that "X" doesn't stand for.


The taste of sweet victory

Remember that DJ battle I had against the Weekly's Jason Ferguson? Well, your face will probably be as completely wooden with a total lack of surprise as mine is when I tell you that I won. Read tomorrow's column for my analysis on how his game was systematically demolished by me.


Florida Music Television

On July 8th, Florida Music Television aired its premiere episode on Brighthouse channel 21. This weekly music video show focuses on Central Florida artists and will air every Saturday at 12:30 pm, which is right about the time you should be waking up if you boozed it up Friday night. FMTV is accepting video submissions at www.floridamusictelevision.com. To prevent this from ending up like a community-access channel for lame metal bands, I implore all the good bands out there to submit your videos. Make this worth watching.


Rock Crit DJ Battle... FRIDAY

Alright, children. The wait for the BIGGEST HEAD-TO-HEAD this year is almost up. Tomorrow beginning at 8pm will be the DJ battle between me and Jason Ferguson at Redlight Redlight. No cover and great music, at least on my side. And vociferous crowd response is not only welcome but it's the metric by which the competition will be judged. So let him have it!


Will's South no more

Will's South, the satellite venture of Will Walker (Will's Pub), is no more. Walker's name is no longer affiliated with the bar near Edgewood and all shows booked by him are either cancelled or moved.

Though it was an enjoyable dive bar and fun while it lasted, at least you don't have to brave the Edgewood speed traps anymore. Yikes.


Summerbirds video wins!

The results of the national Scion Xpress Fest Music Video Competition (see "Video didn't kill nobody" post below) in which Summerbirds in the Cellar was entered are in and our local boys WON!!! Big congratulations go to them and especially to filmmaker Michael Goubeaux, who created a really artfully done video.

Can I have a ride NOW? Shotgun...


Franchise sighting

One of my favorite - though oft-hibernating - local bands, Franchise, is playing Uncle Lou's Entertainment Hall on Mills Avenue tonight. Their abstract noise rock is a treat to hear live and will be totally outlandish in the environs on this bar. If sheer strangeness isn't a good reason to go then I don't know what is. That's what led me there recently and it paid dividends. Read my last column for more details on the joint and its location.


Will hogs Orlando's Americana

Between the two places bearing his namesake (Will's Pub and Will's South), Will Walker has virtually the entire Americana and indie folk scene on his payroll tonight. Will's South is hosting The Sweetkisses, D Street and Holidaysburg. And though none of the full bands are playing, the main pub in Loch Haven will feature a bonanza sampler of sorts featuring the front-men of great bands like Band Marino, The Heathens, Mike Dunn & the Kings of New England, The Sugar Oaks and The Wynn Brothers Band. Either place you go to, it'll be a very inexpensive way to see a lot of good music. See? Always lookin' out for your wallet, that's me, sweetheart.

The Set List vs. Notable Noise

Alright, lovelies, it's only about 99% confirmed so far but I need to tell you about a rumble that's goin' down. This is serious, kids. On July 7th (Friday, so no excuses) at Redlight, Redlight, yours-ever-so-truly will be throwin' down against Orlando Weekly's Jason Ferguson. It's a DJ battle royale! The contest is not to settle who is the most hated critic in town (that'd be a photo-finish) but rather to prove whose musical taste reigns supreme... or at least gets an audience drunk faster.

Details and format to follow soon. I wonder if Fergie knows how to scratch...


PNJ: No Crust

Phat and Jazzy in the house at the Social tonight with extra special guests sitting in on horns.  It's going to be a rich one - 18 and up, no cover and ladies drink free till midnight.  Go git you some!

Away again

This Saturday, I'll be hitting the road again, this time headed for Bardstown, Kentucky for the annual Kentucky Music Week.  I plan on doing a lot of dulcimer playing and drinking a good amount of bourbon (Bardstown is famous for the stuff).  I won't be back until July - hopefully that will give some of the bands I've contacted a little time to send in their forms so I can start posting about their music. Sheesh, ya slackers!

Matt Tonight

MattOkay, that was a riff on the old "Mac Tonight" ad campaign that McDonald's used to have, featuring the guy with the quarter-moon face, but since this is a blog catering primarily to twentysomethings who wouldn't have any sort of recollection of that, it will only amuse those of us old enough to remember.

That said, I ran into Matt Mackelcan today at Guitar Center and he mentioned tonight's gig at Wall Street Plaza around 10:30 pm.  Matt was one of the shining acts of FMF2006 for me and it should be a real good show (apparently, some last minute repairs were being made to his bassist's instrument, hope that works out for ya, M).

Matt's music toes the delicate line between jam band and acoustic pop with soulful vocals and a happy vibe, which should be just what the doctor ordered for all those milling around in the open air space tonight, after a crazy week of Alberto hype, wind-socked weather and an influx of out-of-state tourists. (Hospitality kids take note: we feel your pain.)

Happy Valley is sooo Warped

Well, well, well. It seems odd-rock outfit Happy Valley landed a few Warped Tour dates (Orlando, Miami, Tampa and Jacksonville). In case you'll be braving the oppressive heat and sometimes even more oppressive kids, and you should since the talent is notably better this year (Helmet, Buzzcocks, Valient Thorr, Against Me), they'll be at the Hot Topic Stage. Just look for the crowd with the big question mark floating above it because they're gonna confuse everyone there with their brutish, mischievous art rock. But hey, I too believe in public education.


Killer Robots in glorious lo-res!

The latest local act to enter the video sweepstakes is larger-than-life novelty act Killer Robots. I've clobbered them a bit in my column before but they may well be the raddest band whose music I hate in this entire city. Sounds weird but their stupendously elaborate costumes keep me coming back for more, even if their music pushes me out the door only a few songs into the set. Regardless, you must see them live at least once in your life. Just to give you a small, lo-res taste of the spectacle, click the link to see their debut video for "I Am Robot, You Are Not":



Swamburger Art Show

Not only is he the machine-gunning mouth of the freshly inked Solillaquists of Sound (on Epitaph Records no less!!!), urban poet Swamburger's also an artist and his show will be at the Culture Mart on Magnolia Avenue in downtown tonight from 7pm - 10pm.

And in case you're wondering, I just listened to their upcoming record last night and, well, prepare yourself.

Cow Punk'd

Though they're more old-school snot-punk than cowboys, The Country Slashers have just enough hillbilly in their blood to keep you guessing where they might be headed next.  They love a good anthem as much as a great stomp with a live stage show that rates as one of the most enjoyable I've seen in this town.  Not only that, but they appear to be pretty good business people, but you don't care about that.  So belly up and take a listen to "Red Flag."  Not since Nutrajet was on the local scene has a band evoked memories of The Sex Pistols and The Clash without ripping them off too terribly.  And yes, they have that Holy Grail of multimedia modernity; a MySpace page.

Video didn't kill no one

A coupla my favorite local bands have recently made videos. First, ascendant alt-country boys The Heathens have a video for "Stickin Around," the first single off their upcoming debut album. It won the "Audience Choice" award at this year's Florida Music Festival and will be screened at the L.A. Film Festival on a music video showcase alongside the respectable likes of The White Stripes, Kasabian, Bright Eyes, Death Cab for Cutie and The Shins. You can lay yer pretty l'il eyes on the video rye-cheer:


Second, Summerbirds in the Cellar have a video for "Trains" and it's one of only three finalists in the Scion Xpress Fest challenge. If you pop the link below, view the video and vote for it like any decent Orlandoan should, the boys win one of those sweeeet boxes-on-wheels.



Okay, so...

Bj_2ndann...I had great intentions.  But upon arrival in Key West, that island gravity took over and there wasn't any posting that was to be happening.  Not a one. 

Strangely enough, over the Memorial Day weekend, The Legendary JC's were performing at The Green Parrot, so if I had posted something, it would have been about a local Orlando band anyway, go fig.  But we didn't go because, you know; gravity.

Jae and I had the relaxing week that we were hoping for and now we're back in the nitty-gritty of things, which isn't so nitty or gritty because the humidity level has finally come up to where it's supposed to be and the whole damn state doesn't feel like the inside of a convection oven.

This would be a good time and place to ask central Florida bands for some music, whafoo?  Please drop me a line:

Bing Futch
P.O. Box 560727
Orlando, Florida  32856

And check out this week's All Florida Indies podcast for something new from our mailbox.

Arright, back to work.

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