Another Good Friday

Natura Coffee & Tea now has a second location, it's part of the whole Digital Media Arts Center corner of fun in downtown Orlando, one of your last dying gasps of independent fresh air in this town.

AmyTonight, there's a late-night musical double-whammy in the pairing of Amy Steinberg and Holly Riggs.  Those in the poetry circles will know both of them while those in the music circles are either very familiar or haven't had the pleasure of making either acquaintance.  Steinberg is, in her own words, "a one-woman party", a non-stop mixture of pop and modern burlesque with a spiritual flava and a hip-hop heart.  Though she's mostly known for her acrobatic and emotive voice combined with soulful and dramatic piano riffing, in recent shows it's been just the singer/songwriter and her guitar, still holding audiences in thrall and leaving them aching with fresh questions and the kind of smiling that makes your cheeks hurt after awhile.  Sister is good.  If you haven't seen her.  Do.

Ms. Riggs is a really delightful addition to the bill.   Her MySpace page has some examples of her spoken word.  She's also got the beats and the rhymes to make you take a step back and examine. Good for the heart and for the soul - according to Amy's MySpace site, the show begins at 10 pm.  If you go, you're in for a treat!

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Soorya Arsala, Orlando CityBeat's local CD reviewer.