The First Music

Sounds like a real dawn of man kind of thing; "the first music." It's actually a reference to the initial tracks selected to be in the Ear Bud Jukebox, or your EBJ.  Eebey-JAY. Located at the top of the page.

3dulcimers_1I gotta say that Happy Valley rocked my world, tell you something what, that was intricately tasty.  Someone lay down the info about when they're playing, because that's a show that I'd pay to see; listen to all three songs. It's crazy then, isn't it?  Hell, listen to all of them, because I wrote the rest of your selections for this aural inauguration of the Ear Bud Jukebox.

The Mohave tracks are from the band's 2005 release clear blue trickling which was recorded at David Schweizer's Richter Records.  That's not a guitar you're hearing in the songs - I'm playing an electric Appalachian mountain dulcimer, which is an old hillbilly instrument that I've gone and perverted.  It's fun as hell perverting it, though.

The two Bing Futch solo tracks here were recorded at Dark Studios using an Apple G4 and Garageband.  The Bush clips were not edited; God help us all.

Coming Up

The CD release party for Berman's new disc Send Me To The End will throw down on April 14th at the BackBooth in downtown Orlando.  That's a Friday night, which gives you all of Saturday and part of Sunday to recuperate, aye?

Jason Evangelho of Insomnia Radio bagged the world premiere of the album, which will be March 27th as the first tracks are debuted on his podcast.  Isn't the 21st century a kick in the pants?



Happy Valley - Brand Alarm
Happy Valley - Fat Stetson
Mohave - Down to Earth
Mohave - Floatin' Wally
Mohave - Black Indian
Bing Futch - Bomb
Bing Futch - Before the Moment Passes

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