PNJ: No Crust

Phat and Jazzy in the house at the Social tonight with extra special guests sitting in on horns.  It's going to be a rich one - 18 and up, no cover and ladies drink free till midnight.  Go git you some!

Away again

This Saturday, I'll be hitting the road again, this time headed for Bardstown, Kentucky for the annual Kentucky Music Week.  I plan on doing a lot of dulcimer playing and drinking a good amount of bourbon (Bardstown is famous for the stuff).  I won't be back until July - hopefully that will give some of the bands I've contacted a little time to send in their forms so I can start posting about their music. Sheesh, ya slackers!

Matt Tonight

MattOkay, that was a riff on the old "Mac Tonight" ad campaign that McDonald's used to have, featuring the guy with the quarter-moon face, but since this is a blog catering primarily to twentysomethings who wouldn't have any sort of recollection of that, it will only amuse those of us old enough to remember.

That said, I ran into Matt Mackelcan today at Guitar Center and he mentioned tonight's gig at Wall Street Plaza around 10:30 pm.  Matt was one of the shining acts of FMF2006 for me and it should be a real good show (apparently, some last minute repairs were being made to his bassist's instrument, hope that works out for ya, M).

Matt's music toes the delicate line between jam band and acoustic pop with soulful vocals and a happy vibe, which should be just what the doctor ordered for all those milling around in the open air space tonight, after a crazy week of Alberto hype, wind-socked weather and an influx of out-of-state tourists. (Hospitality kids take note: we feel your pain.)

Cow Punk'd

Though they're more old-school snot-punk than cowboys, The Country Slashers have just enough hillbilly in their blood to keep you guessing where they might be headed next.  They love a good anthem as much as a great stomp with a live stage show that rates as one of the most enjoyable I've seen in this town.  Not only that, but they appear to be pretty good business people, but you don't care about that.  So belly up and take a listen to "Red Flag."  Not since Nutrajet was on the local scene has a band evoked memories of The Sex Pistols and The Clash without ripping them off too terribly.  And yes, they have that Holy Grail of multimedia modernity; a MySpace page.

Okay, so...

Bj_2ndann...I had great intentions.  But upon arrival in Key West, that island gravity took over and there wasn't any posting that was to be happening.  Not a one. 

Strangely enough, over the Memorial Day weekend, The Legendary JC's were performing at The Green Parrot, so if I had posted something, it would have been about a local Orlando band anyway, go fig.  But we didn't go because, you know; gravity.

Jae and I had the relaxing week that we were hoping for and now we're back in the nitty-gritty of things, which isn't so nitty or gritty because the humidity level has finally come up to where it's supposed to be and the whole damn state doesn't feel like the inside of a convection oven.

This would be a good time and place to ask central Florida bands for some music, whafoo?  Please drop me a line:

Bing Futch
P.O. Box 560727
Orlando, Florida  32856

And check out this week's All Florida Indies podcast for something new from our mailbox.

Arright, back to work.

Southbound and Down

The wife and I are headed to Key West this weekend for our second anniversary and will be there all blessed week.  I'll still post some local music stuff - and perhaps some of their local scene as well, what the hell?

Red Hot Release

EmilyDuring one evening of FMF2006, I ran into Emily Stine and snagged a copy of her latest release Music For My Friends.  Produced and mixed by Justin Thomas (Faktion, Dark New Day), this disc is poised to launch Stine into musical orbit; every track is excellent.  From the poignant "Too Cute To Kill Herself" to the all-out rock of "What If I Punched Your Girlfriend", Stine's killer voice coos, sighs, screams and shouts, harmonizes and rhapsodizes through a host of original tunes and a knock-out cover of Heart's "Magic Man", which she not only pulls off, but manages to make her own.

Though she's a captivating and energetic performer all by her lonesome, Stine's surrounded herself with heavy-hitting musicians for this outing including Thomas, Kyle Cook (matchbox twenty), Brett Hestla (Virgos), Timothy "Timbo" Diduro and others, which results in a solid sound that spills out of the speakers and says "howdy."

I've watched Emily developing her act around Orlando over the past few years and her star is definitely rising.  This release has everything it takes to be the afterburner for her career and I hope the ride lasts as long as possible.

FMF'NF: The Next

Wynn_bros_fmf2006Due to an earlier video shoot, I didn't get downtown until about 10:30, just in time to see Nashville-based outfit Last Train Home, who were a fantastic break from the same-old radio-ready-rock that most of the bands were pushing.

The Wynn Brothers tore it up with a beautiful set, tight and soulful - they were well-received by their plentiful friends and fans as well as the pre-Mofro crowd, quite a win-win situation.  This is a band that is going places.

Scootin' around town, running into old friends, collecting some new music, catching the buzz about Black River Nightmare, Social Ghost,  Heavy Mojo  and  Telefiction, a group featuring former Boxelder drummer Pat Boggs and The Yoko Theory's Henri Lemaire.  Missed 'em all.  It sucks to be me.

Tell you what I did see that moved my soul (because there was plenty that didn't), Matt Mackelcan, what's it - he's like, a computer engineer or something, and then he grabs a guitar and jams like Dave Matthews. Mofro, nuff sed.  Murphy Project at the Social, rather enjoyable, technical glitches and all.

Cowboy_slashers_fmf2006_1But for me, the band of the evening was Country Slashers at the Back Booth.  There was some twang in their stomp but it was mainly of a punk vibe and it was a nice reminder that balls-out rock 'n' roll was still alive in the hearts of some.  I saw Bao up in the balcony for this show and he looked like he was having a good time.  Besides, I believe that's one of the shows on his list.  So my question to Bao is, did you make all of those shows?  If you did, this is potentially a great story.

I ran into one of my production assistants down there, Susan White, and she comes from the New York market, which is way the hell more competitive than here in central Florida.  She couldn't believe that half of the bands that were on-stage were even allowed to play, and I agree.  While there were top-flight acts all around, there were a few bands that left me standing there in full WTF? mode.  Surely there were some more local bands that would've lit that place up.  But they didn't fit the "type", apparently.  One ass-kicking performer in particular, no names mentioned, said that she had been rejected as a FMF participant because she didn't write her own songs.  Now, I've known the performette in question for a number of years and seen her develop as an artist, so I can vouch for a fact that she does, indeed, write her own material.  What the beef was, no one is the knowing, so it's one of those dangling "huh" moments.  Festival's over.  Back to status quo.  Pay as you go, pay as you go.


Dsc00018The buzz was that Friday was the night to  hit FMF2006, if you had to choose.  Choosing is a constant state of mind here, with fifteen bands playing at any given time, so the buzz is what you follow (until that third or fourth Jager shot, and then the buzz follows you.)

It wasn't as crowded as I thought it'd be, though the areas around some of the smaller clubs with buzz-bands like Band Marino, Dear + Glorious Physician and The Why Nots were difficult to navigate.  Here, the murmur's began:  "Hey, there's a really good band over at" such and such a place.  Hear a few of those floating in the air, especially about a certain band, and you're apt to head off in that direction.   How do you know if you chose wisely?  When you walk up to a venue with a sea of people in front of it and inquire what is the dealio and they respond with huge grins and flushed faces "those guys were really good." Fock!  I hate when that happens.  Happened last night.  Twice.  But I made some worthwhile choices as well.  Dirty Shannon, The X's, Obsession Day, Big 10-4 (pictured) all good, a lot of the other bands I've seen, so it was "new school" night.  A good portion of the music all sounded the same; which got sort of annoying after awhile and I wasn't the only one thinking that.

Doorway27It was also "old school" night; a little like a high-school reunion.  Every ten steps or so I was seeing familiar faces from the familiar circles that we've maintained in Central Florida and I must say, we're aging well.  Must be the benefits of living on a peninsula with all of that fresh air.  Max Fraser and Bryan Wuhlust from Doorway 27 are bros that go way back - we've played many a show together and partied many nights away - cripes, it's been eight years or so since I met those cats.  Time doesn't just fly when you're having fun.  It afterburns.  Their other two bandmates, Angel Lozada and Chris "Captain Colors" Cartrett had already headed back to West Palm Beach after their mini-Roots Music Incorporated set on Thursday night with The Burnin' Smyrnans and Boxelder.  Cartrett had slipped me some songs back in the fall of last year that have ended up on a new disc entitled The Rescue Effect which they laid on me last night.  I haven't listened to the CD yet, but the album art alone is truly "cutting edge."  You'll get the joke when you see the surprise inside.

Tonight should be fun - The Wynn Brothers are going to be on the Wall Street Plaza stage at 11:30 pm.  These guys are a total show and are also sporting a brand new release that's called Feel The Good, the title track of which is now loaded into our Ear Bud Jukebox.  

The Wynn Brothers - Feel the Good

FMF - Ready, Steady...

BoxelderThe Way To End Your First Night

These next three days are going to be sick busy, busy sick.  Bands, Films, Art.  Why don't they add a Sci-Fi Con on to the next one?   The concept of drunken Cosplayers really boggles this mind.  Anywho.

However your path may swing tomorrow night for the first evening of FMF2006, may it swing back around to Church Street stage where Boxelder will be kicking the groove into orbit around 1 am.  Yeah, it's a school night.  So, play hooky Friday.  It's the only way you'll rest up enough to tackle that evening's shows along with Saturday's.  Friday's a loss; forget about it. 

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