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Davemann_2Orlando's own funkUs has been a part of the central Florida jam band scene for a number of years, bringing their own groovy blues-based flavors to the rainbow table.  Guitarist Dave Mann and guitarist Ron Betts have honed their skills and chops through many nights of playing covers in the bar circuit, in fact, Ron does solo shows downtown that literally go on for hours with just him and a guitar.  Former House Shaker bassist "Mojo" Jones and drummer Adam Freeman form the rhythm pocket, which is heavy on the funk and groove-rock.  A funkUs show is a fun and sweaty experience where the band won't stop if you won't.  Their latest release, Free, features a number of original staples of their live show, tunes that stretch due to sheer will of the crowd, like "Everybody's Right (Free)" and the frantic ska pace of "Sleep." 

The band knows how to trip gaily down psychedlic sidewalks as well, even featuring Grateful Dead keyboardist Tom Constanten on the laid-back catchy sing-along "Smiley Garcia."   

It's been hard lately to catch the band, since they focus on writing and recording more than gigging, usually appearing at an ongoing series of shows that they sponsor at Hard Rock Live called "Jambando."  Supportive of local music, talented musicians, happy, peaceable people.  It's always a good vibe at a funkUs show.

Supportive of the local scene

funkUs - Sleep

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Soorya Arsala, Orlando CityBeat's local CD reviewer.