Have Throat, Will Bellow

DaddysingbassThere are more than a few bands around town beginning to add double-digits to their span of existence and psycho-rockers Gargamel! are trolling the deep black waters of their first decade as a collective "booey machine."  Since back in the day when they were still donning skyjacks for rocked-out horror-show antics, the band has remained one of the most inventive and technically commanding acts in the state of Florida, let alone here in the bellybutton that is Orlando (What does that make those of us who live here? Lint?)

Shades of Zappa and Perry Farrell with a bit of Danny Elfman peeking through the keyholes, all subject to change and guided by the  ├╝ber-dynamic vocals of Mandaddy.  They're a "rock and/or roll band" with a house gig in a hell populated by anime lesbians.  With their latest release, The New Tenderness, the band took another whack at a track that was featured on their debut release Revulva back in the day; 1997.  In the Ee-BeJAY - "Little Milk Belly (Upgrade)" 

Longtime drummer John Weber, better known as Webb, departed the band last year upon moving to the west coast.  Keyboardist Servobeonic Man told me in an e-mail that they were auditioning people; no word yet on whether they've gotten a permanent player, but by wading through the sea of body parts at their website, one can find gig information and news plus, of course, Garga-swag.

Gargamel! - Little Milk Betty

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Soorya Arsala, Orlando CityBeat's local CD reviewer.