FMF'NF: The Next

Wynn_bros_fmf2006Due to an earlier video shoot, I didn't get downtown until about 10:30, just in time to see Nashville-based outfit Last Train Home, who were a fantastic break from the same-old radio-ready-rock that most of the bands were pushing.

The Wynn Brothers tore it up with a beautiful set, tight and soulful - they were well-received by their plentiful friends and fans as well as the pre-Mofro crowd, quite a win-win situation.  This is a band that is going places.

Scootin' around town, running into old friends, collecting some new music, catching the buzz about Black River Nightmare, Social Ghost,  Heavy Mojo  and  Telefiction, a group featuring former Boxelder drummer Pat Boggs and The Yoko Theory's Henri Lemaire.  Missed 'em all.  It sucks to be me.

Tell you what I did see that moved my soul (because there was plenty that didn't), Matt Mackelcan, what's it - he's like, a computer engineer or something, and then he grabs a guitar and jams like Dave Matthews. Mofro, nuff sed.  Murphy Project at the Social, rather enjoyable, technical glitches and all.

Cowboy_slashers_fmf2006_1But for me, the band of the evening was Country Slashers at the Back Booth.  There was some twang in their stomp but it was mainly of a punk vibe and it was a nice reminder that balls-out rock 'n' roll was still alive in the hearts of some.  I saw Bao up in the balcony for this show and he looked like he was having a good time.  Besides, I believe that's one of the shows on his list.  So my question to Bao is, did you make all of those shows?  If you did, this is potentially a great story.

I ran into one of my production assistants down there, Susan White, and she comes from the New York market, which is way the hell more competitive than here in central Florida.  She couldn't believe that half of the bands that were on-stage were even allowed to play, and I agree.  While there were top-flight acts all around, there were a few bands that left me standing there in full WTF? mode.  Surely there were some more local bands that would've lit that place up.  But they didn't fit the "type", apparently.  One ass-kicking performer in particular, no names mentioned, said that she had been rejected as a FMF participant because she didn't write her own songs.  Now, I've known the performette in question for a number of years and seen her develop as an artist, so I can vouch for a fact that she does, indeed, write her own material.  What the beef was, no one is the knowing, so it's one of those dangling "huh" moments.  Festival's over.  Back to status quo.  Pay as you go, pay as you go.

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Soorya Arsala, Orlando CityBeat's local CD reviewer.