New Mexican crisis

I was at The Social last night to see our native hardcore sons New Mexican Disaster Squad play. Where was everybody else? You do know that they're good enough to be on highly esteemed indie label Jade Tree Records, right? That means they share a roster that has released acts like Hot Water Music, Strike Anywhere, The Explosion, Avail, along with others like Pedro the Lion, Songs: Ohia, Joan of Arc, Ester Drang and Cub Country. And they're LOCALS!

Don't even talk to me about there not being any "real" punk rock in Orlando. Idiots.


To hell with pop-punk

Not to dis the kids or anything, 'cause everybody's gotta start somewhere, but the underage music landscape is just overgrown with the weeds of pop-punk. Look at the early bookings around town (y'know, when doors open while the sun is still up), it's everywhere. I'm not saying it can't be done well because almost anything can. But not often.

So kids, you need to start digging deeper (and harder) than the overdriven candy you call punk rock. It may be fun, it may be addictive, but it's just a fluffy smokescreen from the truth I know you seek (Right? Right?). But your proper musical rearing is what I'm here for so that's why I've posted some tracks by Racin' for Pinks, an actual punk rock band. Start there and we'll continue the discussion later.

Racin' for Pinks - Long Knives
Racin' for Pinks - This Shit Kills
Racin' for Pinks - Robo

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