Spitvalves reunion

This is a public service announcement to all you ska fans. Local ska-punkers the Spitvalves are briefly reuniting for a one-off show this Thursday at The Social before their bassist moves to Ohio. If you know me (or have read me long enough) then you know that ska don't tickle my balls. So it might mean something when I tell you that I saw them play a word-of-mouth show at Will's Pub last night and they were pretty good. They were the best in town in their day and they proved once again to be about 16 hours ago, if only temporarily. Again, it's still just ska to me but they brought enough of a punk rock kick to comfortably supress the vomit. And, as you know, that's no small feat, ladies and gents. So if you've become accustomed to the ska being peddled around here in recent years then the Spitvalves are sure to be a wake-up call for you.


Randall Shreve got plugged the wrong way

I popped into The Social last night for the Randall Shreve CD Release Party. Only caught Benjamin Del Shreve though. Decent band but shaky singing. Beyond imperfection of pitch, Ben's ambitious but very ungainly voice seems oddly prone to cat mewing.

My biggest beef, however, was the gratuitous plugging of Randall Shreve's CD. When I say gratuitous, I literally mean almost every non-singing sentence urged the audience to purchase. Though couched in humor that was occasionally funny, the schtick got old real fast. It may be cute to immediate family and friends but everyone else thinks it's stupid and annoying. After that, I forcibly squashed any passing thoughts of buying the record as a form of silent protest. I didn't care if it was Psychocandy good, I just wasn't havin' any of it. Sorry, Randall. You need to have a talk with your boy.

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